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Wellness is the sole purpose

Wellness Is the sole purpose
About Viva Serenity

We are an internationally trusted medical tourism company that connects patients with the right treatment centres, hospitals and medical specialists both locally and abroad. We help you get advanced treatment in medical areas such as:

Advanced cardiac procedures and cardiothoracic surgery Gynecological treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Kidney, liver and bone marrow transplants. Bariatric surgery, both robotic and laparoscopic. Orthopedic treatments such as hip and knee replacements. Plastic surgery including liposuction, hair transplant, face lifts, tummy tuck, butt lifts, breast augmentation or reduction. Different types of robotic surgeries Advanced cancer treatments including cancer surgery Advanced Neurosurgery We help you identify the best hospital that will provide you with the advanced treatment you need for your medical or surgical condition

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Viva Online Tools

Get a free online assessment of your Body Mass Index, Body Fat Index, Protein Intake Index and Water Intake index. Get any or all the above for free at the comfort of  your home

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What We Do
Weight Loss Management

Professional and results focussed weight loss programs.

Meal plans for your body

We have professional nutritionists to guide you all through the program.

Professional Consultancy

Let us give you professional advice to drive scientific driven solutions.

Medical Tours

We organise both inbound and international medical tours for your situation.

lose fat with confidence
Medical Tourism

At Viva Serenity, your wellness is our ambition as our doctors work around the clock to partner with the best hospitals globally that will attend to any averse health condition you may be facing. At Viva Serenity  your medical trip will be driven by privacy, professionalism and comfort.

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At Viva Serenity we make your journey to wellness a much simplified one. Book your appointment with us today and one of our professionals will get back to you. 

Your Wellness is our priority
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lose fat with confidence
Key Testimonials

Viva Serenity is Responsible for the weight loss of Ms. Wema Sepetu who is happy to share her weight loss journey as seen in this video 

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The Viva Serenity Team

Dr. Nancy Matillya

Medical Advisor, Viva in Tanzania

Japheth Winstone

Consultant Nutritionist

Dr. Theophilus Wangata

Medical Advisor, Viva in Kenya

Dr. Honest Herman Massawe, MD, MMED

Medical Advisor, Viva in Tanzania
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