Big Ted narrates his true weight loss journey. “Over the years I attempted to lose weight, but exercise programs were too painful to sustain for long and diets never paid off quickly or significant enough to keep me motivated. I always went back to my unhealthy habits, my weight slowly but steadily increasing as time went by. I started to have more obesity related health issues, and my quality of life started declining. Finally, I accepted that I had a real problem that I could not solve on my own. I had to make a significant change.

I had tried every method to lose weight from juice diets to high protein diets but honestly none was working. Deep down I wanted to do what normal people do. I wanted to sleep without snoring, take the flight of stairs without breathing so heavily and shop for the clothes I loved since I had a difficult time getting my size in shops. I most of the time had to get a tailor to make me clothes of my size.

Reflecting back, I grew up a lean, lanky boy. Though tall, standing at a towering 6 4’, my weight was not much of a problem until I cleared high school. I then joined a band and I was nicknamed big Ted in the group since we were two Teds. A name many people identify me with even today. I never noticed my weight add up slowly. It slowly became a nightmare.

I had my embarrassing moments such as breaking a chair at a friend’s wedding.  These embarrassing moments lower your self-esteem. When I learnt about bariatric surgery and met the surgeon here in Kenya, I knew for a fact that I needed to do it.

I traveled to India alone because I felt that this was my special moment and did not want anyone to convince me otherwise. When I got to the hospital in India, I was impressed by the facility and the team of professionals who received me. I felt at home.

Having never stayed in a hospital before, I was very apprehensive. I remember asking the doctor what to expect when the anesthesia was administered. When I opened my eyes in the recovery room I literally felt like a brand new person. Within four days I had lost five kilos and I confidently felt my success journey had begun and I was ready to come back home.



From 168kgs i am now 95kgs.Overall I am happy I lost the weight and learning how to be healthy. Eating is not just a social event; you can still eat healthy and enjoy food. I have a better understanding of how to treat and nourish my body. I have found a balance of eating healthy foods not just dieting and restricting foods. I am now able to be a participant in my life and not just be a bystander. The team of professionals at Viva has taught me what life is really about. I no longer look at food for comfort but instead learned to cope with emotions. I have more energy in my job and at home. I was enlightened that I would reach out to them and get a response back right away from the Viva team. They calmed my fear of having the procedure. I never felt alone during this process even after the surgery. They were very fast in answering my questions.

This was a life changing experience and I would not change it for the world.  Would definitely recommend weight loss surgery for anyone struggling with weight issues. I’m in a good place. I am happy and content and wish I could help more people lose weight. My weight loss has come with myriad benefits. My attention span has increased and I feel much more energetic. The shortness of breath I experienced before is a thing of the past as well as the snoring.  It is a total life change. And it definitely feels good when I meet people who compliment me on how good I look.

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