Khadija's weight loss

I am forever grateful for having Bariatric  surgery and regaining my life. I had struggled with my weight for more than ten years. Back in high school, I was commonly referred to as the fat girl. A name that I deep inside didn’t like but tried to act normal with my friends about it. I later joined university in Malaysia where I gained even much more weight. At no point though did I feel that I had gained too much, until when I travelled back to Kenya one year later and my own family at the airport couldn’t recognize me.  In fact they were looking past me until when my small sister shouted ‘’ the fat lady is Iman ‘’. They were all shocked and it was one of my low moments as an overweight lady.

I then joined University here in Kenya and one day when seated at the cafeteria my friend came and handed me a certificate. I was up to a big shock because the certificate read ‘’ to the biggest behind’’ and as explained by my friend, it was a unanimous decision to present it to me by most of the guys in university. At that moment I was so embarrassed. I didn’t want that to be my center of existence. It was not what I wanted to define me. I wanted to be known for my accomplishments and my future plans. That is how I was raised up.

One of the incidences that struck a cord home was when I went for a tour in Switzerland and when we met a group of female Chinese tourists, they all gasped and sounded like they had just seen a ghost. They caused so much attention that that the whole street was now watching me. It was a struggle to embrace the personality and I dealt with this inner battle silently.

There are many times that I toyed with the idea of being a smaller and healthier Khadija but I didn’t know how to. There were just so many embarrassing moments from having to ask for an extra seat belt at a plane to not being able to shop for clothes of my size freely and easily. It was an inner struggle that I never quite expressed but it would get me moody and food was my consolation. I also got tired of being asked how old I was because the body to face ratio never made sense.

The strength to deal with emotions and issues without the overreliance on food I must say is the biggest gift that this surgery has given me. It didn’t help that I ate whatever I wanted and did not exercise. I knew I needed to take control

My life changing moment came when I was just from a mini-vacation and my mum who felt that I was too big told me about bariatric surgery and how she had consulted a medical tourism company called Viva Serenity to help in arranging. We met the lead consultant two days later and I was convinced that this is what I was going to do. Seven days later I was on a plane to India to undergo the mini – gastric bypass that would change my life forever.

I definitely had a few moments of doubt. I had decided to travel alone for the fear of changing my mind about the operation if I stayed in Nairobi any longer and because I felt that this was my personal journey. I can honestly say that this was the best decision I have ever made in life and I have learnt to value the essence of time.

I had the best experience with Viva Serenity because they guided me every step. They arranged for my pre surgery checkups, visa, my travel logistics and made sure that the hospital in India was prepared to receive me. I was picked up from the airport in India and taken to the hospital. My hospital room was clean spacious, private and I had a nurse assigned to me. From the moment I arrived I immediately knew that I was in safe and professional hands.  I could not believe that an operation only lasting an hour could change my life forever. After the surgery I stayed in hospital for seven days and before travelling back they arranged for me to meet the nutritionist who led me through my post-surgery diet.

The major step of surgery is a daily reminder of old habits and the new ones that have formed since my initial consult. I was so comfortable with the postoperative discretions and the diet was simple and straightforward.  I still enjoy all of my favorite foods, just in moderation now. Viva Serenity has also been doing regular scheduled checkups and tests on me just to make sure that I’m doing fine.

at the peak of my weight problem, I weighed 140kg. Nine months after the mini gastric bypass surgery, I now weigh 78kg. This was my dream weight. This was my dream weight for the longest time ever and I feel so grateful that I have finally achieved it. After surgery I noticed that my energy levels increased dramatically. I have energy to work all day and continue with part of the night. I feel more confident to take risks and do things I would not have done before because of my weight. My only regret is that I did not do this earlier. Thank you to the whole team of Viva Serenity for being amazing every step of the way. I would feel comfortable referring others.














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