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  1. Medical Consultation

– Discussions to understand what kind of treatment you need. This is through online/ phone discussions or by a one on one discussion with our medical consultants and the medical tourist.

– The medical consultants shall conduct an analysis of your medical history and a review of any previous medical records. Detailed medical reports by your primary physician may be needed in specialized medical/ surgical cases.

– At this stage, further medical check-ups may be done so as to fully understand the nature of the problem before considering treatment options.


  1. Specialist Advice

– Our competent medical professionals shall advice on treatment options based on the best possible treatment outcome for the medical problem. This includes decision making on the best hospital option for managing your condition.

– At this point, a cost evaluation and duration of your stay in hospital is done, after consulting the hospital and a quote is given to you.

-Different hospital options shall be provided for you to choose as per your preferred destination


  1. Travel Preparations.

Viva Serenity shall appoint a personal consultant to help you handle all the travel logistics including visa processing, flight tickets, accommodation, counselling and pre travel preparation. We organize for every travel issue, including travel insurance, airline clearance, assistance at the airports for very sick patients and airport transfers. We are available 24/7 for communication throughout the trip.

If you would like to travel with other people (family, friends) we arrange for their travel and accommodation too.


  1. Treatment

Upon arrival at the hospital of choice, the hospital teams take care of you with utmost care throughout the length of the hospital stay.

We shall be in constant communication with you throughout and with the medical personnel handling your treatment.


  1. Post-Treatment follow up

We ensure proper follow up by your primary physician, nutritionist and other professionals upon return to your home country.

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