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The Beauty Queen on a Mission – Diana Edward Lukumai former Miss Tanzania

Our zoom meeting was on a chilled Sunday afternoon, i was eager to speak to Diana and her being from Tanzania i was armed with Swahili questions, but when the interview started Diana effortlessly answered my questions in English. And in what has become a norm in this season, Diana asks me about the Covid situation in our country and she proceeds to tell me that it is different in Tanzania since they are going on with their lives as usual, indeed to them there is no pandemic to worry about. And after our easy chitchat we start our interview. Of course we started with what Diana is most passionate about and that is fighting female Genital Mutilation which is a common rite among the Maasai community where Diana hails from.

Diana was born and raised in Arusha.She is from the well known Masaai community They are known for practicing female genital mutilation, she is in the frontline of fighting this retrogressive culture.Through her foundation Dondosha wembe she now works with various NGO to fight the cut.An initiative she says has bore fruits,”You know this is culture and it will take time for people to drop it but we keep fighting for our girls” She tells me.

Just like most of Africans, She grew up in a village in Arusha Tanzania, she comes from a big family and her father just like any African father wanted her to pursue education and have what he termed as normal job, but Diana had a different dream, however she has managed to pursue her passion and also pursue her education, she is a trained business Administrator.

At 22 years of age Diana Edward Lukumai ,the beauty is a successful business woman and an activist fighting negative cultural practices right.When she was younger she did a documentary about the “Maasai Dondosha Wembe” that shows how Maasai girls face brutal Female Genital Mutilation.”I have been able to change some mind-sets of the community practicing it.” When asked her what showed change about her personality & look, she says, “Nothing, because I am proud of who i am”

She stands at 5’8 and weighs 54kgs the 2016 -2017 Miss Tanzania crown holder Diana Edward tells us that it takes more than just good genes to maintain an ideal body weight and glowing skin.With her infectious laughter and an authoritative voice the Anti fgm activists speaks to Viva Serenity on her routines in maintaining a healthy body.

“I come from the Maasai community we are genetically blessed with good body features but if one does take care of themselves they can gain weight and have bad skin”says the Beauty Queen who hails from Arusha, Tanzania.

Diana maintains her natural hair ,no relaxers, no harsh treatments. ”I visit the salon twice a week since i live in Dar Es Salaam and the weather is humid” She told us that she only uses natural products on her hair and she has no intention of relaxing or heat treating her hair.She however says that maintaining natural hair is expensive since the products used are quite costly. The beauty Queen is against the use of chemicals in African women hair, according to her the thick African mane is indeed a signature for African beauty. This is evident in most of her pictures even on red carpet events Diana keeps a natural look when it comes to styling her hair.

The modeling industry requires one to have flawless skin, Diana who also works as a commercial model mentioned that she only uses coconut oil for her skin.And when we asked about the skin lightening wave that has hit most parts of Africa she said “why would a woman lighten her skin and later have side effects, most of these products in the markets are not safe, It is not necessary” Says the brand ambassador for a natural skin line of products, which she mentioned is what she uses and it is all natural.Diana tells us of stories about women who come to her and ask about her skincare routine she advices them to stick to natural methods “But you know most of these women want to be lighter so even when they ask for advice some of them still go back and use the lightening creams, it is like a quick remedy to beauty which i don’t think is right”Says Diana who says her skin complexion is chocolate and she is very proud of it.

An interesting fact we learnt about Diana she makes her own food. ”I rarely eat out i ensure that i prepare my own food so as to make it healthy”. She mentioned that she tries to eat a lot of vegetables and also use vegetable oils when preparing her meals.”

She also takes a lot of natural juices which she prepares herself.According to Diana if she doesn’t stick to a strict diet she has the potential of gaining weight since her mother and sisters are genetically big,”My father is lean and athletic but my mother is big, i happen to have inherited most of my features from my father”

According to Diana who reminds us that for one to be a beauty Queen you must watch your waist line, says that we have women who are plus size and they are still beautiful however it is good to avoid obesity since it comes with a lot of complications.

While many of us are busy going to the gym to exercise and keep fit the 22 year old just dances the weight away.”I have managed to stay fit by dancing, though not professionally i just do it by myself and it has really help me stay in shape”Diana told us when she won the competition her weight was slightly below her current weight of 54kgs but as she grows she knows better to maintain her body mass index.

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